Lion Mutilates 42 Midgets in Cambodian Ring-Fight

LOL! Lions vs Ewoks?

Dude, that shit is intense.

I wonder if this shit’ll pass under the radar, or if international crybaby organizations will get uppity at the government for supporting it.

Most disturbing pile of news I have ever read stupid ass Cambodian’s. That so hard to stomach I’m glad the lion ripped them to shreads, what will happen to the lion… what a sad world we live in, I pray for armageddon.

thats nearly a month old and it still gets people?

look at the url…

edit: when first time it came out they went as far as making a printable version…but if you click it now it takes you here

Is it me or are people getting stupider? You’d think in this more advanced age, with all the technology and information we have access to, people would know not to play with WILD ANIMALS…

[quote="-Nate-"]thats nearly a month old and it still gets people?

look at the url…[/quote]

Bah, I feel like such a newb now.

man thats just sick …lol


Was I the only one that saw the title and thought it was an yngwie thread??

I’ll send the link to the next person who whines about violent video games…

Video games are for people that can’t find any thing better to do… GET A LIFE!!!

… and forum posting is so much more useful?


There are far worse things than playing video games. What people choose to do with their own life is their decision. I hate it when people give themselves the right to tell someone to get a life. Grrr.

I think the lion would win anyway!

yeah, consitering the lion weighs in at about 800 Lbs, it’d take alot of midgets to even be able to take one to the ground, little alone do any damage. Midget would definatly eat a defeat in this case.

LOL, the only short guys who might have a chance is “Willow”, and of course…“YODA”! But give Willow a chance!

Yoda could take down the lion just by pointing at him.