Lines begin to form on questions of Carole James leadership

The Tyee on line news magainze is making like Santa these days, making up lists and checking them twice, looking to see who thinks NDP leader Carole James has been naughty or nice.

Spurred on it seems by her recent exile of now former Cariboo North NDP MLA Bob Simpson, their findings of the last week or so have revealed that there’s a bit of discontent at her draconian ways. Former NDP MLA Corky Evans apparently so upset with the direction that Ms. James is taking the party he once sought to lead that he gave some thought to cancelling his membership in the party, but now instead will join the push for an anticipated NDP convention in 2011 where the topic of a leadership review may end up on the convention floor.

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Unfortunately, there is something seriously wrong with the NDP and/or its leader. Facing the most corrupt government in memory, the NDP have made no gains beyond their 40% maximum support. At this point, people moving away from the Liberals are giving their votes to the Greens and the Conservatives. Easy to do when the election is over two years away. The Liberals are self-destructing, and now it looks like the NDP are following suit.

The smart thing James could have done was to ignore the comments. Had the media asked for a statement she could have easily spun it. “Unlike the Liberals, New Democrats encourage contructive criticism of the leader blah blah blah.”

Nope she boots the guy out, giving the Liberals a respite from their own troubles and focusing attention on the NDP and its perceived weaknesses.

She’s the reason they havent been able to gain support beyond 40%. Terrible leader and well im sure the rest of the ndp ranks arent much better.

I’ve voted for the NDP for many years. I’m convinced that James needs to go; this will give the NDP a solid chance in 2013.

I think the only way we’ll see either party keep it’s current leader going into the next election is if both stay. If either Campbell or James is replaced than I think the other party will have no choice but to follow suit. The only thing James has going for her is that everyone hates Campbell, and the only thing Campbell has going for him is that James is perceived as ineffective.

I base this on nothing… but predictions are fun!

Found this quote from Ms. James kind of interesting

“I expect there are all kinds of people out there looking for their opportunity to get their few minutes in the media limelight,”

That was the NDP leader’s reaction to the appearance of a website promoting a Delta NDP MLA to take over the party leadership. Would seem that she is facing more of a grass roots revolt than she might have thought.

I have thought for a long time too that James needs to hit the road… she is a huge liability for the party…
Move her on so that the NDP stands a far better chance in 2013… She is preceived as incompetent as much as people often can’t stand Campbell, James is not leadership material. Take a hike Carol so that the left has a shot at leading the province once again, if she stays it can’t have a hope of happening…