Limewire problems

Yep I am still using this…so don’t have a cow.

I am having a connection problem with my laptop with limewire. It is a wireless connection and does anyone know why it won’t connect? It always says connecting, then stops?

Probably it’s your wireless router blocking access, although my LimeWire and wireless router are both default setups.
Don’t forget to check the upload transfers, one version of LimeWire sets up by default w 20 upload connections at max speed and only 3 down. On ADSL it will slow your downloads by hogging your upstream, and you’ll get charges or server warning letters from your ISP.
I know some people who now pay Telus $79 or $89 a month so they can keep getting ‘free’ music. Duhhh…

Update your limewire, that’s a common reason it won’t connect… Just download the newest version from