Like painting a bowl of fruit

If you’re interested in taking photos of Eagles, there’s a guy who feeds them almost daily down by the railyard near Kwinitsa station.

Eagle photos are one of the of the Prince Rupert ‘bowl of fruit’ photos.  The others being deer, rainbows and sunsets.  They’re pretty amazing to people outside of Rupert, but kinda boring to people who live here.  Yeah yeah yeah, more eagle photos, big deal.

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But like painting a bowl of fruit, it’s not really about the fruit, but really about learning the technical aspects of something.

So if you’re wanting to learn or practice wildlife photography techniques, head down there on a cloudy day and start snapping.

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I grew up in a metropolitan area where I didn’t get much of a chance to see beautiful wildlife like this. Even though, yes, after living in this area for a while we do tend to take it all for granted, some things still do take your breath away. My god, I sound cheesy

Those are beautiful shots of the eagles  :smile:

Yah, eagle photos get boring but Americans stll love the shots. I took this one yesterday of an unbaited eagle down near Fairview. I was surprised how close he let me get because he wasn’t eating anything, just watching me.

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