Letter in northern view..game on!

To Mr. Pedrico Lao:

Are you serious? This is the message that you bring to us from “yourâ€

A Retort:

Yes Mr. Brlecic, I am serious. One’s unique “realityâ€

I agree with John Brlecic for the most part.

Pedrico Lao, are you in some sort of anti-prosperity crusade?

Your letter is rather discouraging; it’s obvious Mr Brlecic “reads” only what he wants and is completely reactive, without putting much thought into what he writes (most of which is poorly written).  And his letter’s personal attacks on me are immature at best. His letter fails  to recognize my initial critique, which is mostly focused on Rupert’s political and business elite, who continue failing at attracting new and productive people. The reasons I choose to call Pr Rupert home is for the warm and hospitable people I met over the years and the  geographic beauty of the area.  Unfortunately, Brlecic’s unwelcoming tone (see end of his letter) is what many outside PR believe is waiting them. So AWong, you too should read…don’t skim.

Perhaps you are referring to the entrenched ‘establishment’ (not deserving of a capital E) who call the shots like they do here in Deadwood, BC.
That’s my campaign, to rename our town after the tv series. Same crappy buildings poking out of the mud (or dirty snow 5 months a year), same core of rude, foul-mouthed, selfish, lawless bastards that call the shots and make sure nothing ever changes for the better.
Here’s one way to keep things going: when things are really shitty, one rich person with cash buys his cousin’s house for a ridiculous price. The cousin buys their brother-in-laws place for a grossly inflated price. The brother-in-law buys back the first house and returns the cash. Suddenly three $50,000 homes have sold for $200K and a “boom is on” for the next sucker.  If it works right all that’s left are three ads made with a home inkjet hanging on the Overwaitea bulletin board, and the realtor doesn’t even make a penny. But that unsaleable rental home that was worth $50K is now listed at $129K when the new guy moves to town.

Finally someone speaking with some reality. Reminds me of a quote someone from Rupert use to say…“the farther north  you go the more warped reality becomes”.

Too bad more people like Mr Lao dont move here.

Your letter is rather discouraging[/quote]

I would’ve wrote a 5 paragraph letter, Maddox style.

Well, boo hoo then.

Not really. I’m an ordinary guy here and not an elite who lives on Graham Ave.

Yeah but throwing BS at your new home isn’t welcoming either:
hackingthemainframe.com/smf/inde … 864.0.html

As a long time guest to HTMF…its finally time for me to speak up. Its nice to see the likes of Mr Lao speaking the truth about our town. I have lived here 35yrs and been through ups downs strikes layoffs closures and everything else this place has experienced in the past 35yrs. Mr Lao speaks the truth…remember that the truth can hurt and we can see that in the anti-Lao movement, relax people …take the criticism as constructive, think of how we can brace ourselves for positive change. Dont get indignant about his comments. We are on the cusp of a possible major development, not just for rupert but for all of Canada. We need to get in line for the spin offs. The business elite need to recognize that there needs to be some kind of pay off to the communities. And I’m not talking first Nation hand outs.
And by the way MR Chong…pretty soon the south end of Graham wont be the elite residences due to perpetual daylight from the lighting, the crashing and banging of containers, trains coming and going and that constant beep beep beep of cranes and like.

If Iwas Mr Lao I would take mr Brlecic up on his offer of paying his way back to Richmond.  Just like the city did with Skeena on its tax plan.  You know make lots of promises then reneg on them, then leave mr brlecic holding an airfare or moving ticket to richmond with no results.  That would should be a welcome mat!!  And be like so many other fly by nighters that have been welcomed into this community ie China Paper…Dan Veniez.  Hell Lao could have a big meeting at the PAC (just like veniez) smooth everyone over and announce his intentions to run for city office.

Thanks for the space.