Letter from ICBC

I received a letter from ICBC today. 
Summed up it said

We are sending you this letter because we are concerned about how you drive.  You have had multiple driving convictions and suspensions in the past number of years which means you are putting others in danger.  Starting Jan 1 2008 Driver Risk Premium in being introduced.
Which is:
The Driving decisions  you make starting Jan 1, 2008 will determine if you have to pay the driver risk premium starting in 2009.  You could pay an average of 500$ more a year weather your car is insured or not. 

In the last 3 years I think Ive only had 2 seatbelt tickets.  If anyone was in danger it was me

I think it’s total bullshit. Don’t we already get fined if you get over 3 points?

And especially for something like a seatbelt.

Everyone who get 3 tickets in a 2 year period will get one. I’m sure that means ICBC years.

I got 1 ticket in 22 years, and then 3 in 2 years for owning a red car.

There’s gonna be a new superbad charge for going 40 kmh over the limit, too.

It’s a warning letter.  Basically telling the people who statistically cost ICBC the most money are now going to have to pay more.

I’m not sure how I feel about it.  On one hand, not wearing a seatbelt will cost all of us a lot of money if you crash and go through a windshield.  ICBC’s premiums are most affected by those kinds of accidents – you know, millions of dollars in payouts.

On the other hand, ICBC is a government-owned company, that’s supposed to behave differently than private companies.  This is the kind of thing private insurance companies do to their customers. 

It’s almost like saying you have to pay more on your health premiums because you smoke.  Statistically you’re going to cost the system more.

Well if you’re caught without a seatbelt twice, you’re statistically more likely to cost the system a lot more, right?

Dude, and really, it’s fricken 2007, not 1957. 

Who doesn’t wear a seatbelt already?  The 50s are over. 

I don’t understand the rationale for not wearing a seatbelt – does it mess up your shirt or jacket or something?

No, didn’t you know it ruins your hair style, man you have to be wearing yours the wrong way.

It’s amazing how many people I work with won’t wear their seatbelt. A woman rolled her unit into the ditch the other day and was fired for not wearing a seatbelt. I would estimate 50% of the people who get in my tractor (at work) don’t put their belt on.

And, private companies really annoy me. I started out paying 429 a month in Alberta for my first year there, and then 367 a year after and now 327 or so… Until I’m 25, for whatever reason my payments will continue to be in the 300/month area. After that, probably under $120 as it was in BC.

I bet 99% of seatbelt tickets are giving in town.  Your not likely to go flying threw you windshield going 30 or 40.  I wear my seat belt 100% of the time on the highway, maybe 75% in town

Its 2007 and they still teach crap in high school.  I don’t understand the rationale for not teaching something you might actually use in life.  I could learn more watching Myth busters and the sunday night sex show

Well if you’re wearing your seatbelt only 75 per cent of the time in town, it’s on wonder that the police are able to write so many seat belt tickets.

It’s the law, whether you agree or not, if you choose not to obey it don’t cry about the ticket just pay it, don’t want to pay it wear the seat belt, seems simple. 

So it’s the fault of the education system for not teaching you about seatbelts when you were still young and impressionable?

Well, you may not go through the windshield, but you’ll still go into it, I knew someone who was in a low-speed accident (in the 30-40kph range).  The driver who was wearing a seatbelt had no injuries, the passenger wasn’t, was knocked unconscious and recieved a broken arm as well as various other soft-tissue injuries.

I can see the concern with some people having to pay these new rates, however at least ICBC is warning you. They’re telling you to put on your seat belt and you won’t have to worry about these new premiums, however if you continue to drive unbuckled you will be paying more then the average person. Of course this goes the same with people who are speeding, and driving dangerously.

It’s truly amazing how many people still feel it isn’t important to wear a seat belt, I’ve heard a statistic that it’s 1-7 cars that someone is not wearing a seat-belt. Doesn’t sound too bad in the grand scheme of things however once you start adding up how many motor vehicle collisions they’re are daily in this Province it’s a pretty scary statistic.

Princess Di.

say no more

Still, you’re an idiot. And BTW speed isn’t really the factor on whether you fly into the windshield or not without wearing a safety restraint, but rather the force of impact that matters. Try getting your stationary vehicle rear-ended by moving vehicle going at 60+km/h.