Lelu Island protesters allegedly ram, board vessels



The Prince Rupert Port Authority was disturbed to hear of the incidents, and have been dealing with protests in the area for months now, but this is the first time that the danger level has reached this high a level, said Michael Gurney, manager of corporate communications at the Port.

“Since the start of protest activities in Prince Rupert’s outer harbour, the Port Authority has been working with its partners, like the RCMP and Canadian Coast Guard, to ensure that site research activities continue in a respectful and safe environment for all parties involved. Unfortunately the actions by some opponents of the work have escalated from verbal confrontations, threats and vandalism to life-threatening misconduct on the water, endangering themselves and other users of the harbour. Our focus remains on preserving a safe environment for all parties and we are very concerned by the irresponsibility of recent actions,” Gurney said.

So how come nobody was charged ??

I’m guessing either they don’t have enough evidence, or they don’t want to rile them up even more.

Another quote from the article:
“RCMP already have open files in that area pertaining to theft, vandalism, and threatening behavior”

Sounds like a real party over there!

There is video on the stop lng fb page


I don’t know how true it is but from what I’ve heard they are wearing items that hide their identity.

That is more like Terrorism, threatening people with their lives. What is happening there is bad. I believe in a protest if you wish but this is wrong. If they keep this shit up the military should control the area.

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This has nothing to do with the actions of these so called warriors protecting Lelu Island. These guys are going to get them or someone else killed if they don’t stop these actions. The contractors have full video footage of these warriors trespassing on there barge last week also. I really hope that when it comes down to it that these 2 main guys (not mentioning names) get arrested for the illegal protesting and criminal crimes.

stop calling them warriors, they are paid protesters nothing more, warriors don’t hide their faces, cowards hide their faces, don’t know where they are getting their funding now but Reece set up an account through Lax’s fish company to pay them, I assume the new Lax council killed that payment, and they have denounced the protesters before. the police are not going to do anything yet but once the project gets the go ahead I bet there will be some movement to remove them via the courts and Lax’s permission

u I just watched a video of charter boat contracted by LNG try to ram one if the occupiers skiff!

Care to share the link?

These 2 guys out there need to stop cutting in front of boats with there skiff. How the hell do you stop if they cut right in front of you. Like I said they will be arrested in due time.

He’s referring to the clip on the anti-PNW Facebook page.

Just a video showing the protesters committing kamikaze on boats.