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100% free legal music

If you download “pirated” music, it’s also 100% legal.  In Canada, private copying is perfectly legal.

Goat porn, unfortunately, less so.

Didn’t Transcending just get locked up for that?  He’s almost disappeared! :smiley:

We send people like that to Alaska!

To “play” with polar bears :smiley:

Well here’s the Canadian definition of sharing.

You go to Transcending’s house and borrow his goat DVD, you are allowed to take it home and make a personal copy.  However, it would be illegal if Transcending made a copy of the goat DVD and gave it to you.

That’s the dividing line between personal copying and copyright violation.

What was that movie filmed in around Stewart???..Insomnia?
the best line was…“if your living in Alaska…your either born there or running from something”…