Layton speaks out agains North American Union

I figured this was a PERFECT time to rehash the old topic found here,9061.0.html
Now that the candidate people seem to be most happy about on this board is speaking out against it happening. Harper on the other hand, is all for a North American Union, the Amero, and I’m sure, in the future, a global government.

Any thoughts?

More info here:

A video of Layton doing an interview with Lou Dobbs

Toronto 9/11 Truth confront Jack Layton

And even a more local source on it.

Well I’m not particularly a fan of Mr. Harper, but I haven’t exactly seen or heard him espousing the cause of One World Government or even the Amero in the campaign thus far.

He’s not been parcticularly smooth with the recent financial whirlwinds, but I don’t remember his solution to the world’s issues to be we abandon our sovereignty and all of that, maybe that comes out this weekend when the G8 finance ministers meet with the IMF and World Bank wonks in Washington.

Until then though, if you have some documentation on his platform for bowing us before our global masters, might be the time to show it before Tuesday’s election…

Did you click on any of my links?

I’m working on finding something that has him saying it.

From the CFR confrence.

Not all the way through the long winded interview. But if you scroll down to the bottom of the page there’s a transcript from the meeting.

Well I’m not going to listen to the whole speech right now, nor scour it for the declaration that the Amero is us, but I did notice this particular quote while skimming the speech:

"My own sense is that – my own sense is that any talk of deepening NAFTA or strengthening trade relationships on this continent is not going to happen in the immediate future.  My conclusion after a year and a half in this job is that notwithstanding the reasonably good relationship I think we have with the United States government, that the United States government post-September two thousand eleventh – I’ll attribute it to that – has very much become preoccupied with security, and security that has very much a strong emphasis on national sovereignty and national borders.  "

That doesn’t seem to me to be a declaration of union, perhaps he has plans one day, but I suspect judging by the tenuous nature of his minority government that is up for the vote this Tuesday, it’s not something that we’ll be seeing anytime soon…

I can’t find anything saying he is for it.
Which is rather frustrating, because I know it was said at one point in time.

Canadians just need to wake up is all. There ARE plans for a North American Union. And we will be a part of it if we don’t become aware and speak out against it.
That’s the whole point of this topic.

If Layton is speaking out against it, doesn’t that say it is a possibilty?

Well Jack also said he was going to be PM on Oct 14th, and much as I know a lot of folks here on htmf might like to see that, I don’t think that will be the case.

So sure anything is possible, just doesn’t mean it’s going to happen! :smiley:

Even if it doesn’t happen, we still need to be aware.
There are plans in the making, and an informed public is a better public.

bubbasteve; you and I and a few others on this site, have a clue of what is going on, others just don’t care or don’t want to be bothered with such nonsense, its these people who I feel bad for.

thanks for the links… :smiley:

Well its good to see you up on the watchtower for us, and yes we should be a better informed public.

Might be an idea to have the quotes ready though when you suggest someone has offered up a policy that would be a rather controversial topic.

When Mulroney brought in the FTA it was one of the hottest debates in Canadian history, so if Mr. Harper is inclined for further assimilation with the US or world economy for that matter I"m pretty sure we’ll hear something about it…

And thanks for the concern Astro, but really folks, you need to document your cases a little better if you want to sway the sheeple…

Why cant these sheeple do the research themselves? There’s a plethora of info out there on all of this.

Well then maybe show us some of it, info and research that is credible mind you and not just stuff getting

“put out there for the sake of putting it out there”

If you’re going to warn us of the hidden agenda, best to have something to sway us to your side of the argument. :imp:

Calling people ‘sheeple’ doesn’t really help your case any, since it’s basically an ad hominem against anybody who doesn’t agree with you.  It doesn’t automatically make you part of the enlightened few, it makes you part of the group that seems to want to insult others.  As long as you throw insults around, why should anybody take you seriously?

If you have something concrete you want people to vote against, great, let us hear it.  Is there a particular bill you don’t like, or something like that?  Give us the bill and tell us the reasons you are against it. 

But calling people names doesn’t work.  It has the opposite effect.

There are lots of “plans” in the making.  I’m sure Harper has some great plans, so does Dion, so does Layton.  But they’re just plans.  Sort of like the “plan” for Quebec sovereignty.

I’m wondering why I even bothered. A person has to WANT to be informed. I can’t force it upon you.

So, I give up, you’re all against what I have to say anyways.

Well, I have a friend of mine who thinks and acts exactly like you do, but his deal isn’t 9/11 Amero, etc, it’s a certain brand of Christianity.  He’s convinced of a few things that I cannot accept, even as a christian myself.

He says a lot of things, including “wake up and see the truth” and “why can’t you see what’s right in front of you” and claims some politicians are the devil, etc.

It doesn’t convince me, of course, so he switches to calling me names for not being able to convince me.  He says that I don’t want to see the light, to know the truth, that my mind is closed to the truth that is in the bible (and other places). 

It’s really too bad I can’t get him on HTMF, because you’d have a great time debating with him.  It’s all the same arguments, except he’s arguing for a certain religious view.  Unfortunately, he thinks the internet is evil.

Again, bubbasteve, if you really do want to convince others of your beliefs, you have to stop insulting them when they don’t share your beliefs.  That’s a good first step. 

My dad says that this thread is not titled properly. The first link says that Jack Layton’s NDP opts to protect Stephen Harper government from public outcry against NAU agenda.  It says the opposite of the name of the thread.  The first article says that the NDP is in on the conspiracy.

One would think that, winning political power in Parliament by making STOP SPP the election issue, would motivate My Layton and his MPs. It has not. Why?

There seems to be a conspiracy of silence regarding SPP.

The NDP are also covering it up.  Too bad I can’t vote.  Yet.

True enough.  I voted for Nathan Cullen on October 4th; I think he has a very good chance of winning a third term.
Jack won’t be the next PM.  I sincerely hope that Harper doesn’t get a majority.

Well I share your observation about Mr. Cullen, I think he’s been an effective MP for the region overall, which is how I like to look at elections, who is the best to represent me.

That being said, while he may very well win the riding, I don’t think his boss has made enough movement nor gained enough momentum to form a government, I don’t think there are enough Canadians comfortable with the NDP message to put them in 24 sussex.

The NDP might have had a chance to be the opposition but I think that Stephane Dion has recovered from his death spiral to hold off their surge of two weeks ago, as for Mr. Harper, he might have had a majority had he played his cards in Quebec a little better, as it stands now I figure he’ll be back as the PM of a minority govt again.

Though he may not be there long, one non confidence vote would most likely see the GG ask Dion to form the government and try to form a working alliance with the NDP or Greens…

Or hell who knows, the stock market could tank again on Tuesday, everyone panics and decides to give harper a majority…

Just remember to vote so you can at least say that you had some input…  :smiley:


I am interested in finding out why you are opposed to a North American Union or for that matter one World Government. Do you think some sort of protectionism is the answerÉ

Here you go bubbasteve, while not quite the secret agenda of North American union, there have been discussions apparently about expanding trade with the EU.

While Jack may be concerned about a North American union, maybe there may be a need to look into the broader issues as well… Canada does need trade to survive as an economic entity, but Goar is right in her article, not talking about it (and all parties can take some of the blame on this one), isn’t the way of going about one’s business… 

Because we’re lazy…

But in all seriousness, if you want us to be notified on this you need to give us the info. The audience needs to be spoon fed.