Lax Kw'alaams reject Enbridge hearings

The Lax Kw’alaams band has slammed the next round of federal hearings probing Enbridge’s planned $5.5 billion Northern Gateway oil pipeline.

Good for them. The government is putting the thought of all that oil money in front of the people.

There’s other ways to make money and selling dirty tar sand oil to communist China shouldn’t be one of them.


Ooooooh… scary communist China… ooooooh…

Looks like terrace council has jumped on the band wagon against the pipeline… interesting to hear our provincial governments response to them representing their constituents wishes.

That fat piece of shit rich coleman needs to get a few less sandwiches on the taxpayer dime and maybe start doing his fucking job.


Ooooooh… scary communist China… ooooooh…

Last time I looked, the Chinese were still red. The only difference is they’re now coated in green money that Uncle Sam and others can’t ignore.

I’ve nothing against the Chinese people, but their government is another matter. A terrible human rights record. World polluters, as their smog travels over here on the jet stream some days. And I can still remember back in the 70’s when I used to listen to China on the shortwave calling us “yellow running imperialist dogs”. That same crowd is still in power.

When I think of all the troops that died back in those days fighting “communism” in places like Vietnam, I can only think of how hypocritical we have become for the sake of money.



I’ve nothing against the Chinese people, but their government is another matter. A terrible human rights record. [/quote]

Agreed. It is unfortunate that Harper and Obama shy away from forcefully condemning China’s human rights abuses. It is prudent to avoid annoying your banker.

Update: Chief Garry Reece announced at a press conference this morning that Lax Kw’alaams would be boycotting the hearings:

So? What’s wrong with that?

India has far worse human rights problem, and they are a democracy. Should we do business with them too?

Not China’s fault for having 1.3 billion people and their need for energy, but at least they’re committed to cut greenhouse gases. So where is Canada and the US when it comes to the Kyoto Protocol?

Post-1978 Chinese Communists are not North Koreans. You should be thankful they’re not.

Port Simpson are very coy, they aren’t speaking out on the record, for they do alot of trade with China. They can voice all their opposition the off the record, that way they can say to China, we did not oppose you on the record. This is in fact an abstention, very shrewd, don’t want to bite the hand that feeds them :smile: Port Simpson has a timber license that is very lucrative for them, and the their puppet Metlakatla will no doubt follow suite tomorrow and also boycott the hearings. For they too have to be careful not to upset China.