Law and Order: Canadian case load

Any Law and Order fans in the htmf world? Tuesday was a great night for canadian asides on two of the three franchise shows.

Not one, but two Law and Order shows decided to play a Canadian card in their shows on Tuesday night.

Law and Order: Criminal Intent had a storyline of a teacher that was involved with her student, saw his father killed, framed her husband and hit the road for Toronto. “Oh! Canada, where the age of consent is 14,â€

The other show – just “Law and Order” I guess…  It had an episode recently about an extradition from Canada and the issue surrounding Canada’s not wanting to extradite its citizens to face the death penalty.

Poking the rampant evil liberalism of Canada is often used to pander to the conservative audience. Just keep in mind that SVUs tough ultracon Stabler was a conniving faggot on Oz… hell half the LAw and Order cast came from Oz…
Christopher Meloni (Stabler)
BD Wong (psych) was the preacher
Katheryn Erybe (Crim Intent detective) was female murderer on Death Row
JK Simmons (Crim Intent Psych) was Schillinger, leader of the Aryans

the wheelchair guy is now on Lost…

Sorry but I don’t see your point between conservative audience an OZ.

On another note, I like to watch The Unit, mainly because of the creator of the show, David Mamet.  It’s pretty good action and has some suspense.  But in the last episode of the first season, they were really using anti-France dialogue.  I’m guessing it’s lingering feeling from the whole 9/11-attack Irak thing.  Now that the door is open, I wonder when they will start beating on Canada. 

sorry got off on the link between the shows. I meant when Stabler gets totally strident (but that’s Sam Waterston’s forte as DA), I laugh at the roles Chris Meloni played being so different. Stabler is so conservately “moral” where as he was an immoral pig on Oz. From scumbag to Republican icon…

Hey Canada, is three for three on Law and Order!

Law and Order, the original! Once again Canada gets an honourable (?? mention on the Dick Wolf franchise…

Tonights plot 

Paranoid Schizophrenic apparently kidnaps girl (there’s a plot twist but it’s not relevant to the Canadian connection) and supposedly is heading for Canada.
Fortunatley for Canada, the dynamic duo of Law and Order chased him down outside Schenectady, NY…  Canada, sounding the apparent call of the troubled of American society.

Just when exactly did NBC become FOX?