Latest Poll: BC Liberals up to 41%, BC NDP at 43%

The latest poll out by Forum Research indicates that the BC NDP have 43% and the BC Liberals have 41%…Forum also predicts that if the trend continues for the next few days as it has for the last 2 weeks…the Liberals will win the election by a razor thin margin…something that was unimaginable 3-4 weeks ago.

NDP - 43%
Liberals - 41%
Greens - 8%
Conservatives - 6%
Other - 2% … story.html

Another poll out by Ipsos Reid has the gap at 6% between BC NDP and BC Liberals. Their last poll indicated a 10% gap between them.

Clark has now passed Dix on the questions of “Who would make a better premier?” 34% to 31%.
Women still prefer BC NDP to BC Liberals - by 6%
Men still prefer BC Liberals to BC NDP - by 10% … px?id=6111

There should be some more polls out later today as well.

I guess it depends which poll you look at. :smile:
This Angus Reid poll gives the NDP a 9 point lead.

Angus Reid Poll

all it means is it should be a very tight race come election day. how many ppl go to vote that were surveyed would make a huge factor. but I think if the NDP do win and it is not a blowout how long before the knives come out for Adrian Dix. if the Liberals lose the knives for Clark would be there the next day

The Forum research poll is no longer the “latest poll”, Angus Reid is, and they report the ndp ahead by 9% . Tomorrow that will probably change. Regardless…

Two points. First, the polls. Sometimes, they say it’s close, and sometimes, as in Angus Reid today, not so close. When was the last time the pollsters showed the NDP trailing? It’s a bit like the sorry saga of the Canucks. Some games we were close, others, not so close. The outcome?

Second point. The problem for the BC Liberals is that the relentless stream of scandals and at times outright lies have offended a significant number of former supporters. I offer an example: … s-part-35/ I’m pretty sure he’s not the only example. They are closer now because the Conservatives have been inept. But are they close enough?

i’m not aware of any similar bleeding of significant base support for the ndp. All the polls have showed their base solidly in the 41% plus range. So, if the base of one is solid, and the base of the other is not?

different type of poll … -solidity/