Largest clearcut in the world

The Bowron clearcut:


Here is an aerial photo:

Notice that the picture covers 22.5 km x22.5 km.

And if you zoom out using the quick zoom (250) you will see Quesnel on the far left. Use the quick pan button to navigate.

(Rupert’s coordinates are around 54.3 N and 130.3 W if you search)


Actually this is by far the biggest clearcut in B.C. … =350&t=pan

Actually, I think you might be wrong one this one herbie:

you weren’t supposed to be looking at Richmond. Vancouver, Burnaby,Surrey. Richmond is the accumulated sludge of the Greater Fraser Sewage System. Modern soil analysis lists old tires, tampons, disposable diapers and condoms in equal proportion to alluvial clays. :laughing:

better image: … =350&t=pan

My old haunts. Grew up near beside the clearing that looks like a close parenthese. Used to catch crawfish in the creek there. The thing that looks like a cross just left of center is the skylight of Brentwood Shopping Center, one of the first “suburban malls” in the Lower Mainland. Arggh it looks like a horrible place huh? … =350&t=pan

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Is this latin or someone having fun editing your posts?