Large Hadron Collider

Don’t understand it really, but sounds interesting

It broadcast online tomorrow

that’s amazing

I got your large hardon collider right here, baby.

What’s not to understand?  Particles go around it in opposite directions, near the speed of light, and they smash them into each other to see if any new particles are created.

I’ve been gazing out of the window in a generally French/Swiss direction, looking for the impending Black Hole which all the UK tabloids have been speculating about . . . Still nothing but some rather dubious looking rain clouds!

It’s still in the testing phase at the moment.  Give it a few months.

Not quite sure what they did today, but there sure were a lot of earthquakes around the world in the last few hours… … es_big.php


Yeah,  I also had trouble boiling water today!  Must be all them hadrons interfering with my cauldron.

Hehe… hadron.

Status Updates Here: