I am looking to learn either an Asian language or settle for learning french. Is there anywhere in town that I can take a course. From what I saw, the college didn’t offer it. Any help?

The college offers mandarin courses.
Go in and get a course book.

Ive never met anyone that ever needed a second language in my life

I was learning Sm’algyax for a decent length of time, but only to get through the courses, I never really was that interested. Instead I would be learning Japanese on my free time (if you couldn’t notice already from my Custom Title, etc).

I use internet courses. If you can’t find anything in town, use the information highway. It’s a series of tubes, you see, and can be very helpful.

You don’t get out much.

I suggest Mandarin or Spanish.

How about you concentrate on learning a first language? 

Not surprising. Most bots only speak one language anyways.

The college does teach some language courses, conversational Spanish, Italian, business Mandarin and Mandarin Chinese. Some are offered online and the others are at the college. You can find the course descriptions under continuing education. If my handy dandy personal computer technician were here I would get him to do the link thingy.

Well I’m not quite the handy dandy personal computer technician of future girls dreams, but I can add a link…  here’s the Nwcc calendar link, make sure the course you want is offered, locations are found under each description