Landlord entered my apartment

so i left my apartment earlier tonight at about 5:30 and left my t.v. on, apparently it was to loud although it was only turned up halfway, came back at 7:30 and it was shut off. i called my gf and said i think there was some1 in our apartment, she said the manager just called her about a noise complaint, but said nothing about entering our apartment, she called back and he admitted to going in and turning the tv off.i was pissed after that and told him to stay the F outta my place when i’m gone, to that he replied why would you leave your tv on when you leave, i said why not and told him again to stay the F out cause if i was home sleeping when he did that i woulda smacked the S outta him, he replied i guess ur gonna have to find a new place and i said guess so but first im gonna talk to the owners. i dont know but im pretty sure he cant do that can he? shouldn’t he have to call the cops first?

It depends. Do you own or rent? If you rent, and the manager feels he has a good reason, I think he CAN enter your apartment without telling you–but it’s extremely unorthodox. Most landlords/apartment managers would only ever go in your apartment with your permission, or never at all.

You might want to have a calm, adult conversation with the manager about the rules regarding noise and/or unauthorized entry into your place.

Pick up a copy of Tenant-Landlord info at Service BC office or Gary Coons Mla office.  To evict you, there is paperwork to be completed and served to you…you can appeal the eviction within a certain time.  Landlord/Manager cannot enter apartment unless emergency situation (electrical, plumbing,etc) have to give notice. 

Did you ask who made the complaint?  Having  trouble with a neighbour?  Sounds like the guys a jerk!!

Landlord’s right to enter rental unit restricted

29  (1) A landlord must not enter a rental unit that is subject to a tenancy agreement for any purpose unless one of the following applies:

(a) the tenant gives permission at the time of the entry or not more than 30 days before the entry;

(b) at least 24 hours and not more than 30 days before the entry, the landlord gives the tenant written notice that includes the following information:

(i)  the purpose for entering, which must be reasonable;

(ii)  the date and the time of the entry, which must be between 8 a.m. and 9 p.m. unless the tenant otherwise agrees;

© the landlord provides housekeeping or related services under the terms of a written tenancy agreement and the entry is for that purpose and in accordance with those terms;

(d) the landlord has an order of the director authorizing the entry;

(e) the tenant has abandoned the rental unit;

(f) an emergency exists and the entry is necessary to protect life or property.

(2) A landlord may inspect a rental unit monthly in accordance with subsection (1) (b). … #section29

At a minimum! State your displeasure in writing also informing him/her that their actions violated the residential tenancy act. Save a copy for yourself. Always in writing!!! Always in writing!!! Always in writing!!!

thanks 4 the info guys, gonna have to get my gf to have an adult conversation with him cause i might let my emotions get the better of me

If anyone ever has any questions regarding tenancy, the Residential Tenancy Branch has Information Officers for tenants and landlords to answer their questions over the phone. The phone number is 1-800-665-8779. Even if you just have a question cause you were curious.

Understanding that your landlord have violated your privacy by not letting you know that he’s going in while you’re gone, phatboy5, but I think you should think about respect, courtesy, and responsibility by just simply turn off the TV before you leave the residence.

That way this should have prevented a landlord-tenant feud like you’re having right now.

Both you and the landlord are at fault, but I think you should’ve handle your concerns to the guy who provided residence (and maybe gas and hydro) to you in a civil manner. Being very aggressive isn’t going to help the landlord-tenant relationship.

so i invited him into my place by leaving the tv on hey, so when u leave ur tv on i guess i can come right in right, even though my tv was at the same level as b4 when i had no complaints, its my fault right, i pay 650 a month and the hydro’s not included, but if i leave my tv on when i leave he’s allowed into my place right, u ever have any punks break into ur house, i have so call me stupid if i leave the lights and tv on when i leave, and now its my fault RIGHT

But then there’s a noise complaint because of your TV…

Shit, I guess you’re screwed then. I think you have to deal with incredibly nosy neighbours in your area. O_o

What street do you live?

You sound really immature about this.  No one wants a loud neighbour.  Say your tv wasn’t that loud, maybe your just one of them people no one in the apartment likes.  

You sound like someone i wouldn’t like

Billy, I think you would be a horrible person to be neighbours with.

ya immature would’ve been my first instincts billy, considering i come and go and rarely see my neighbors ya they must not like me, and because i fall asleep to their music while there partying on the weekends, i must be a bad guy, but w/e i got an apology from the manager in writing so we’ll see what happens next

What the landlord did was illegal. I would sit there with the TV on and wait for his ass to do it again!
After the dust settled I would sue him and move out at his expense.

Then what can you gain from anyway?

And according to phatboy’s first post the landlord doesn’t seem to be aware what he did is illegal, and if he did knew then still what can you gain from?

There are provisions within the act that enable the landlord into the place with out invite. to turn down aTV does not fall with in the act.  He did it anyway  So what was the real reason?  I ask you this…whats missing? now anything that was private and dear to your soul has been trampled on.  Thinds that are basically no ones business…ie: political affliation, sexual orientation, and you see where thats going. 
Serioulsy I would have a look at whats missing.

LOL  :smiley:

Well, If the landlord knew it was illegal or not doesnt really matter, It was done, I doubt there was any intent to “Steal” anything, I just believe the landlord went in to turn down the TV, Granted it was wrong, and hell if it happened to me, I would explore every legal avenue available to me and start looking for another place to live.
What else can you do? I wouldnt want to live there after that.

If you pursued this further within the Residential Tenancy Branch, I believe the most you could hope for at this time would be an Arbitrator ruling that you could change the locks and not give the manager a key. But that would not likely happen especially considering the Manager made an apology in writing. If you phoned the police about the matter they would refer you to the RTB (unless theft, etc.). There may be other civil avenues but your results would likely not achieve your intentions. I would suggest, to help you if further incidents happen, to write to your manager stating your displeasure about the event and that you expect there to be no further unauthorized entries. Be polite and reasonable. Good luck

I work in a lot of apartments, and i say 25% destroy the property.  The places are just disgusting.  I dont know how people can live like that.  Some places I have to leave just to get fresh air, some I wear a mask.  Maybe you fall somewhat in that catagory and he wanted to see what shape your place was in