Lacking space on?

I keep receiving a notice on my monitor that I am low on space. Can anyone suggest how to address this problem? Will defragging help and if so how does one do it?

One more question , will going into systems restore help deal with the problem? I am in need of a system so I may have access for my college assignments.

Yeah remove shit you dont need on the computer. Delete movies and temp files or programs you don’t need.

Try this program too.

Id Get a cheap 200-300 gig harddrive.  Sounds like you only have a 20-40 gig

first off if  he has a 40gig his system might be to old to see a 300-400 gig hard drive.

Second of all why not just clean off stuff you don’t need. I have  500 gigs of storage and only have 12 gigs used. Don’t ask me why i have so much but i do, it just came with the machine.

Thanks alot there Funseekers, I put it through defragg which took much time and I just did disk cleanup which I hope it works. Thanks again .

Turn off system restore and delete the _Restore folder. If you have kids delete their user profiles, it’ll be fun watching them go berserk. You can goad them with the old  ‘go gedda job and get your own’ line.

LOL i once did that to a friends computer that had like 8 profiles on it. and hardly any space on it. We removed all acc’s but his and the computer ran so nice and fast all the people returned to be locked out and a note on monitor THIS IS MINE get your own dam computer now i don’t want to share no mo!!  Let’s say they were all pissed off at me because im the one that deleted all profiles and stuff… :smile:

Funny tho.!!

I bought Memory Boost for my old Win98 system, and it still works great.  There are numerous free memory utilities on ZDNet; this PC World download is safe … ption.html

On XP, Norton System Works erases overloaded cache, and I only paid $29 for it (after rebate).

Yes, I’m sure Nortons System Works erased the cache, but installing Nortons itself probably bogged down your machine completely.  Stay away from Nortons unless you have mega RAM you don’t ever use for usefull things.

Defragging and using the disk cleanup will get rid of most small things, but if you want to free up a lot of space all at once, delete any larger files you have like movies, tv shows, music etc.  Also uninstalling programs, and deleting the original exe’s or zips will free up space as well.