Lack of permanent marine pilot a concern for mayor

Mayor Jack Mussallem is concerned there are no marine pilots living in Prince Rupert and has asked City staff to write a letter to the Pacific Pilotage Authority requesting that a marine pilot be permanently based in Prince Rupert. … 64059.html

Hey Jack

Maybe if you concentrated on dealing with lowering taxes and dealing with the many social issues that face Prince Rupert, someone with a Pilot’s license may in fact be interested in moving to the community. I understand that convenient access to recycling facilities on weekends is a must have for many Pilots.

Might be an idea there to maybe try and attract some industrial development that will create a larger number of jobs for the lists of the unemployed in town, rather than concentrating on a couple of high paying jobs in a rather select industry.

Just saying Jack!

Jack marine pilots cant afford you property taxes in Prince Rupert !!!

Uh yes they can … haha!