Labour myths

This link is for the Longshoreman bashers, who I believe are the same as the old Dan Veniez fan club when he was beating up PPWC Local 4 and other “greedy workers”.
Also it is for the people who don’t believe all the mainstream media bullshit about$70.00 per hour auto workers and other such myths perpetrated by mainstream media and right wing think tanks.

Go To … uster.html

link donk work

Try this
or google Joe’s Union Review

I’m a member of the “I’m not going to sign this 'till I read this or someone gives me the gist of it…” group. So…

Gist please.

i looked and it was a lot of mumbo jumbo too much to read but im pro union. i seen it was about union busting. so not worthwhile to read llol

Broken link

Of course the links don’t work. They were done by a non-union worker.  :imp:

I couldnt agree more!!

HAHAHA.  Nice.

Personally, I think antiunionbogspot is a great name for a band.

LOL … thanks!