La la la whats the best pop

well? whats the best?

EDIT: : i started this over so vote again…i added coffee and energy drinks

None, I drink diet coke, im going to prove that aspartame doesnt cause cancer.

lets hope you’re wrong

if you drink diet mark the pop…(deit coke=coke) same goes for generic brands of the pop…(mountain lightning=mountain dew)

Pop loses.

It’s no contest. Warm President’s Choice.

I drink 99% percent water, usually about 1.5L per day.  But I’ve bought two bottles of Draft Root Beer from the Organic foods part of Save-On and good god, drink that stuff ice cold and it is HEAVEN.

Lucky Lager.

Actually, I changed my mind.

Purple drank.

Distilled Water.

the ginger beer with the pirate on it.  (mixed half and half with cheap rye)

Never drink pop. In order of most consumed:

  1. Milk (1% or chocolate)
  2. Beer
  3. Juice (real, never Five Alive or juice crystals)
  4. Coffee
  5. Water
  6. Hard shit with juice, or straight, and sometimes wine

Water taste poopy. To beat that morning hangover dehydration, milk is king.

We’ve got one of those stubborn pop machines at work that eats peoples money. Anytime I’m thursty I give it a good shaking and something comes out. The best pop is free pop. I’d say the majority shop choice is probably Dr. Pepper or CocaCola.

Koala: Kiwi, Lime & Grapefruit

or Rye & Mountain Dew (goat piss)


The juice jug just sits in the warm all day and I drink it straight from the jug (I’m against doing dishes).  I haven’t washed it out for about a month now and it’s inherited some wicked flavor.

My second drink of choice is high-powered coffee.   

Breast milk. Pure, unadulterated breast milk.

should in throw coffee into the votes? i think i will

silent_ruler… are you even old enough to drink coffee??  :wink:

I added another option to your poll :smiley:

yes and please dont do that…

By all means, add more, Smartass, cuz the list is so incomplete. What about the Crushes, the C-Pluses, and, of course, Tahiti Treat?