Kup Krazy!

I like Tampa Bay for the cup. Its about time Super Dave won it.

I like T-Bay as well, though I wouldn’t mind it if we forgo the hockey and just have Hulk Hogan and Brett “The Hitman” Hart settle it for us.

Replace Hulk Hogan with Macho Man Randy Savage, and Brett “The Hitman” Hart with some sort of hovering robot, and you’ve got yourself a fight.

Hart = The Best there is, The Best there Was and the BEST there ever will be… :stuck_out_tongue:

With the increase in petrol prices I’ve been forced to make some financial cutbacks. In an effort to lower costs on razor blades and shaving cream I’ve decided to sport a moustache.


How about selling your car and start walking??

this way he avoids the no-mustache tax.

that’s not very patriotic.

Good tax.

I gots me one of them Vampire Moustaches… the kind that don’t show up in photographs…

Dave Andreychuk is the greatest Canadian of all time.



Dave Andreychuk is the greatest Canadian of all time.


It’s just too bad he once played for the Leafs.


Dave Andreychuk is the greatest Canadian of all time.[/quote]

It’s not possible to be a great Canadian and play for an American team.

does that apply even tp Gretsky?

ah, but he earned his greatness playing for edmonton.

i agree. Toronto is south of the 49th, it barely qualifies as Canada :laughing:

What the hell does that have to do with anything? Canada was founded south of the 49th.

i stand corrected

N46 17 24 W63 07

36% + 63% = 99%

What happened to the other 1%?