Kramer is not funny now

So what do you guys think about the Michael Richards’ episode?  ( and please let’s keep this outside the wasteland)

The outburst:

The apology:

It’s pretty sad to see happening.  I guess you never know who really is holding a prejudice so close to the surface.

Results of a bad come down I guess. 

That’s what I was thinking.  His behaviour is so agitated and unusual.  Bad hangover?  Mildly stoned, drunk?

Dude, this is KRAMER we are talking about here. What sort of baseline for unusual do you have for this guy.

I think he tried to pull a Lenny Bruce and forgot he’s only a Kramer…

Yeah, for sure he got in over his head and couldn’t recover. 

His apology seemed more sincere than Mel Gibson’s :wink:

Anyway, he needs to apologize to the person in the audience, and see if he is forgiven. 

Too bad, it’s his edgy psychosis that makes him funny – just not so funny when he takes a wrong turn down a one-way street.

I think that maybe he felt they hit too close to the mark, in saying he wasn’t funny, and he had not made a movie or tv show since Seinfeild… sometimes when your feeling vunerable it doesn’t take much to trigger…
As for the racial slurs, maybe he thought he could hit someone where he could trigger them… or maybe I’m watching too much Dr. Phil :neutral_face:

It will be hard for him to have his apologies accepted by most afro-americans, even though it seemed quite genuine.  The fact that the offensive words were on the tip of his tongue reflect his mind set and exposed his intolerance.  A non-racist would have found other ways to ridicule the people who weren’t listening.    I don’t buy the Lenny Bruce thing at this point.  That would only  be a poor attempt at damage control.  In these days of public relation spin, one would have to  build up a career shocking the crowds for awhile before doing this kind of thing.  Acting like Lenny Bruce would almost have to be planned and would probably have some purpose other than showing anger in the end.

A black Swede is a Swede.  A white Swede is a Swede.  If both are standing next to eachother and it’s not sure which you’re talking about, you specify it: 

“The black/white guy.”

“Den svart/vit man.”

Why is it important to create a new name for a black American?

In the race for political correctness, efficiency and functionality have lost out.

Doesnt Chris Rock say Nigger and nigga all the time in his standups?
I remember one show he did… he said

“Its ok for a black man to call a nigger a  nigger, but if a white man calls one a nigger he
gets beat up.”

Wow… this came out pretty fast!

LOL, good point.  I meant unusual for him.  I’m not familiar with his usual stand-up routine, I’ve only seen him in Seinfeld.  But, I’m sure his stand-up act of old didn’t involve hate, probably zaniness.

Salon’s video dog has covered the mess from all the angles.

The stand up routine that has caused all the controversy, the apology and even a reminder of those carefree days for the protagonist (or is that antagonist) in question. … index.html … index.html

Slate linked to a Canadian blogger out of Toronto who had this take on the Richard’s career implosion, perhaps he and Mel Gibson can do a Bob Hope/Bing Crosby road movie soon. … fblog#more


I guess it was only a matter of time before this came out:
Seinfeld- The Lost Episode