Knife used in Boxing Day armed robbery

While many businesses celebrated sales and specials on Boxing Day, for one Prince Rupert business the day was marred by an armed robbery. … 68779.html

Spirits of Cow Bay just got hit again tonight…
They figure it’s the same guy… shaved etc…
Merchants be careful!!

Do they have video surveillance? Not that I’m a shop owner or anything, but if this happened in my Prince Rupert store, I’d post the video on youtube. The culprit would be identified in 10 seconds! It’s not like it’s Vancouver. Somebody has to know the guy.

Considering the level of resources, or should I say, lack thereof… this guy is good!


Well, somebody should show them how to edit/upload to youtube and post it on here :smile:


My information of “surveillance” was directly from the link in the OP: “…the suspect and the incident were caught on security camera and the footage has been turned over to the RMCP.”

I have done tech work for them in years past, their security system isnt computerized they would have to connect the recorder to a tv tuner/capture card in order to do that. They are really good people, someone should offer to do it for them.

From Sunday’s robbery:

“The suspect is described as a Caucasian man, around 5’10 with a medium build, some facial hair and in his mid to late 40s. The man was wearing white tennis shoes, dark blue jeans, and a plain black winter jacket with no logos on it, black gloves, and a black toque on his head that wasn’t covering his face.”

They believe tonight’s robbery was the same guy, minus the facial hair, which made him look younger as well. I heard he had a handlebar mustache for the 1st robbery… Which should be pretty recognizable… Somebody has to know this guy!!

Story has been updated to include details from last night’s robbery, including comments from the RMCP and the business owner. … 68779.html

Perhaps they might consider putting in a drop safe so they don’t keep so much cash in the til. Having less cash to steal would make them less of a target.

"“The clerk did exactly what we instruct staff to do in that situation, which is give them the money and don’t be confrontational. She pushed the panic button and the RCMP were there in under a minute.” "

One would think if the RCMP arrived in under a minute, it would have been the obvious outcome. I think its clear which one was the smart one!

But Mikie… how would the criminal know that they have “less cash to steal”? To them, anything is a bonus!

“It’s not common for a robber to target the same location but Sylvester believes he was angry for not making away with more money on Sunday night. He robbed the store just after a cash drop was made. “I’m thinking he was mad and he was going to show us that he could do it.” Says Sylvester. Corporal Dave Uppal agrees the robber’s return was out of the ordinary.”

Sounds like he didn’t get as much as he expected.

If he is known to local members of the RCMP, I’m sure just watching the surveillance video will identify him. If not, they should consider going public with an edited video. I’m not sure what the implications are for publicly posting a video, but if someone does have a copy of it and wants to post it online, let me know, I can help with digitization, etc.