Kitimat Pool

Wow, the pool there is pretty cool!  We drove all the way there, hung out at the pool for a couple of hours, then did a bit of shopping in Terrace (tiny bit.).  It was totally worth the trip!  What a nice pool!

I think we need a new pool!

Maybe that guy there Michael , I believe is the name will write a proposal for you, I believe someone mentioned his name to me about those things. Rumor has it that he is good at that.

Retrofitting the pool would cost about 15 million, a new facility would cost about 19 million. Either way, it’s going to cost-a-lott-a. Better start saving those nickels and dimes now…

What does their pool have that we don’t?

In the last month I have visited Commonwealth Center in Victoria and the new Prince George swimming pool.  Although both are nice, they didn’t really have much that we didn’t.  Sure they have platform diving, 50 meter pool, wave pools, family change rooms, but neither of them had hot water showers.  I think both of them received a lot of corporate money - forestry money in Prince George and Commonwealth Center has Speedo.  Overall I think our pool is the right size for our city.  I’ll have to check Kitimat’s pool.

I found that kitimats pool is a small version of PG…but cold!

Mostly it’s the little kid area that’s better.  There’s a larger slide, there’s a “river”, there’s lots of squirty things, there’s a “kiddie” hot tub (warmer than the kiddie pool, not as hot as the real hot tub) etc.  It rivals the smaller pool in Nanaimo.

our pool definately needs a facelift, the only thing that has changed in over 20 years is the disappearance of the big yellow slide and the high diving board.  it would be nice to upgrade the facility, unfortunately our city just doesnt have the funds…

Being a long time ‘pool rat’ I have been wanting to see Kitimat’s new facility. They also have new one in Lax Kwalaams ( Port Simpson ) I have not yet seen, but have heard is quite nice. I have been to a great many pools in this province over the years, and we are actually very fortunate here in Rupert and have a really nice facility, it is in need of a bit of a ‘facelift’ like Stacked sports has pointed out, but suits this community’s needs very well. Pools are very expensive to build, maintain and operate, and the taxpayers of Rupert will not be able to afford much else for a long time.

Someone mentioned the old high-dive an slide that used to be at the dove tank. I can’t recall a reason for the slide being removed, but the board was removed because of expensive insurance costs and misuse. However, a plan was made recently to put a springboard up on the high-dive platform so that a diving club and diving lessons can be reborn.

I’m told they are putting in a UV water filtering system during their month long shutdown which will greatly reduce the amount of chlorine used in the pool.

When our pool was built it too was the envy of other communities. Unfortunately we have other things to spend our money on in this town. Like aging the water lines that feed places like the pool.

Yup. We’ve had the system here for a while… Anyone visiting the pool probably noticed the big wooden crates by the rope swing.

Like you said, we’ll be using less Chlorine than we are now. However, the BC Health Act requires at least 0.5ppm of chlorine in every pool regardless of how we’re cleaning it. The hope is that since we’ll be relying on chlorine less that the pools will be easier to keep clean and balanced, which will mean less unexpected closures. Skin irritation and odour will also be reduced.

When I have used this pool of ours it has been enjoyable but it was also very busy. It must been great when they had the outdoor pool years ago. But then again it must of been nice when they had the park where Rupert Square is now.

I remember that park. I had just moved here and was 18 yrs. old…  LOL…the 70"s
and the old Rupert Hotel, that was a fun pub, and the Ho HO club downstairs…ha ha good times really good times. Rupert was a hoppin town then. You had to be down at the Teryaki Club before 9:00 to get in. Remember the Pagoda… chow mein buns
Yup, I’m in my 50"s…and so are you… hahahahahaha

I thank you for the compliment on my age…lol

I rememer when I was on the the swim team at the old pool…where Shutter Shack is now. Going to the ‘new pool’ was the most excitement Rupert had in a long time…Upgrades are always neccesary, and so is the cost of things…