Kitchen Colors/Backsplash Advice - New House

Long story short, I just bought my first house and I need some help picking out what color and type of tiles to use in the kitchen backsplash and bathroom floors and backsplash.

I took a photo of a finished house with the same cabinets and layout as the house being built for me, but I have done my best to photoshop the cabinets, walls and countertops to the colors that will be in my house. Currently there isn’t even a piece of drywall in my house.

It is pretty dark and brown in my photoshop picture. I think a bright or colorful backsplash might liven it up a bit… what do you think?

Bathrooms will have the same dark cabinets with a lighter sharkskin paint color. I need to pick out backsplash color for around the tub and counter, also the flooring color in tile.

Any advise is appreciated!! I think lighter cabinets or countertops might have been a better idea. It almost looks like I converted to grayscale.

This is the original from the other house.

This is my first try with darker color and dark cabinets

My second edit with lighter colors and modified backsplash.

MiG, thanks for introducing me to Photoshop back in infotech. I can still barely even use it, but I think being able to do the above is pretty cool.

I would recommend a light colour for the walls, I just did our kitchen I picked a Sienna yellow and I had tile put in that has brown and creams, I followed the same colour but 2 shades darker for the living room and up the stairs to the bedrooms. I painted the main bathroom an almond colour I used the same tile as in the kitchen I used a bright white trim about 2 1/2 inches around everything.  For a backsplash a white tile with a pattern would be nice. If you go to the store they will let you sign out a sample of tile, flooring etc. I used a white vanity in the bathroom with a granite top and brushed brass taps.  You may want a lighter flooring either tile or laminate as you have very nice dark cabinets.  Try your samples in the light  and at night makes a difference.

Is that all?

Basically the rule of thumb is no more than 2 colours in the kitchen, and try to use neutral shades in the bathroom you can always use accessories for a splash of colour.

So with the cabinets and countertops being both somewhat dark and brown, would they count as one color? Does that mean the backsplash can be crazy bright green or red? I keep thinking that a glossy dark tile arrangement with the odd bright colored tile thrown in there would be pretty cool, but I don’t want to go too dark everywhere. Also, I can get cool mosaic tiles and cut them so they make a decorative line horizontally through the backsplash. I’m not talented enough to figure that our in PS though.

Something like this but with more saturation in the colored tiles… You know? Reds maybe.

Some shots of rust and hunter green in the tile arrangement would look very nice especially if you have brass fixtures.  If they are polished chrome then shades of the dark green would still be nice with a touch of dark silver gray and then maybe a pop of red…Sweet !!

I agree wtih cody bear the pic is very nice … as long as your walls are light and you use colour ( in the tiles as accents etc) you should be good to go!

Thanks for the advice. The floors are a medium-light maple hardwood (premium pralilne verywood maple, if that means anything to you), that does brighten the room up a bit. I think that with a lighter paint, like you are suggesting would be wise. The feature walls will still be a shade or two darker though. As for the backsplash, I’m really starting to think the small slate tiles with hints of red green and bronze would be perfect. Not very bold, but still colorful and should go well with both the cabinets and counter top.

I picked the colors on the left. Sharkskin is the main wall color, Dark Ash on feature walls and Whiskers on trim, etc.

What do you think of any of these for the bathroom tile floors, and backsplash around the tub, etc?

I was also thinking shiny white subway tile with some mosiac through the middle, but it looked out of place when I photoshoped it.

That tile above…

Nice choice I have the bottom left tile in my kitchen and both bathrooms I like it very much. Either of the top two or the one on the bottom left . Like the colour choices.

I like the one on the bottom right … Is it a slate color? I would use it with accents of hunter green, rust and maybe even, are you ready white, as in white fluffy towels for a nice clean hit of color or even black…This is for the bathroom isn’t it ? If not then disregard… :smiley:

It’s not a slate tile, and I have not seen many slate tiles that light, but they do exist. They are for the bathroom, just 4 colors I grabbed to look at. I don’t know if we’ll use any of them. I think I’ll do the floor one color and the backsplash another. Maybe dark on the walls and redish on the floor, to flow with the hardwood… I have no idea what to do.

I used the bottom left tile for the counter in my camper. It’s quite nice and matches with the ‘cherry’ floors I put in. 

I know… its just a camper but I want to camp in style. I’m building a pullout patio with awning as well (im a freak).   

I’d use the bottom left for the counter or maybe the white version and something darker for the floor.