Killer Song

I say, this song ROCKS!

(We Ain’t) by The Game ft Eminem

I understand them guys played here the other night. And Sting came last night… Woulda liked to see that.

Tokyo Mon Am by Stereo Total

Downloading their 2005 album at the moment.

What kind of music am I about to hear?

The Game, 50, Eminem, The DOC!

And what so good about them?

I’m liking the new Will Smith album - Lost & Found. It’s catchy, upbeat, and non-offensive so we can play it at work.

Rise Against is great. “Like the Angel” or “Paper Wings”.

Agree’d Rise Against Rocks, Ive been big into them and strung out… and some new Jimmy eat world… i dunno lots of stuff latley. but all some wicked tunes, my buddy ed-o got me lisiting to this 80’s band called New Order haha Perfect Kiss is a sweet song

check it out.

Also, Danzig man…
777 is sweet… so is Twist of Cain.

I just saw Rise Against last weekend in Van. Fuckin’ awesome live show.

I wanted to go to that show with AOF but I had 2 exams that day :frowning:

Danzig is sweet, mother rips. also afi is sweet. music is just ripper

AFI indeed. The USED is awesome too!! :wink:

Planet Tokyo by some puffy girl