Kids these days, in their own electronic "worlds"

Kids these days, in their own electronic “worlds”

I can’t imagine a world where Mario and Nintendo were obscure, but hey! I’m young. Funny find, reminds me of a Ric Romero news segment.

Wow, was that Bill O’Reilly? He looked so calm and friendly there . . .

That piece reminds me of this:

“Videogames do not affect children.  If they did and Pacman had affected us when were we kids we would now be wandering through dark places, eating magic pills and listening to repetitive electronic rhythms.”  - Kristian Wilson, Spokesperson for Nintendo Inc, 1989.


In the movie, they say that their names are Mario Mario and Luigi Mario.

Then they go and say that “there are no second names, it’s just Mario & Luigi… And also, there are some questions that there are no answers to” or somewhere along those lines.

LOL, yea. Bill-O before he went insane about Sting.

Another piece of useless trivia: Nintendo originally started out as a company that manufactured playing cards about 100 years ago, then branched out into making shogi (Japanese chess) and go boards.  They still make the boards too–I actually have a Nintendo shogi board.