Kids these days, and the RCMP, get off my lawn!

awhile back i asked a few rcmp officers why is it you can confiscate alcohol from kids carry it in public because they are minors? yet you do absolutly nothing with the kids on the curbside smoking when it is totally illegal for a minor to have possession of any form of tobacco? the constables reply is its a minor offense. well in my opinion its still an offense and should be dealt with . its a start but it increases dialogue for the rcmp with minors that arnt involved in athletics and usually end up going down the wrong path in life.that being said i incourage everyone to press the rcmp friends to start upholding this particular law as it cuts down on eventual health care costs on heart and lung problems. just my thoughts

It’s not illegal for a minor to smoke or drink. It’s illegal for them to buy smokes and beer, though.

Drinking in public is illegal. Smoking in public isn’t.

Give me a break, I understand the issues surrounding youth smoking, however the budget for police would can not possibly allow enough person hours to bust every kid with a smoke… I agree that while it is a serious health issue, legally it’s a very minor offence. There are much more serious things that police hours need to be spent on…

I think that it is just plain wrong, that you assume that all kids that smoke are not involved in sports.
BTW: maybe we can form a citizens on patrol, to identify problem kids, the fat ones with yellow tar stains on their hands, because these kids are obviously headin down a path of law breaking and they are just plain unhealthy. Then we can either make them play hockey or basketball(depending on their race) and they will be all better.

Yes, being involved with athletics will certainly keep one from going down the wrong path in life.
Just ask:
Pete Rose, Willie Mays, Cody Ledbetter,Travis Smith, Terry Underwood, O j Simpson, Michael Vick,
Boris Becker, Bill Tilden et al.

well its just not right if its a law being broken to let it go by unattended either get it struck down and removed or do the job and uphold it.

Is it illegal for kids to smoke? Or is it illegal to sell cigarettes to a kid? I don’t think it’s illegal for minors to smoke, which is why the police won’t do anything about it.

There’s no law being broken by kids having cigarettes, unfortunately. The person breaking the law is the person who gave or sold them the cigarettes.

Well make it a law! We need to fill up those new prisons.

You are entitled to your opinion, but why must you drag lawns into this discussion?

“Get off my lawn” is short hand for “I’m old and I hate kids and things were better in my day when we had real respect, the future sucks, and I’m scared, plus, you have my pills! Hello? I’m cold, and there are wolves after me.”

Heh-heh. You need to relax, man. :smile:

so by that reasoning you can try holding all the dope u can handle and tell the cops the same load of