They have some KFC chicken wings and fries for the kiddy meals down at Pizza Hut!

Sounds tempting, but the Pizza tractor beam would grab me and not let go!!!

lol yups…I still LOVE PIZZA and Pizza Hut has awesome wings.

i just called and no they dont have chicken from kfc  :imp: :imp:

Well, go down and try.  It taste very much like KFC Chicken wings.  Also, someone on here said that Pizza Hut and KFC have the same owners.  :stuck_out_tongue:

they have a chicken wing menu thats their thing they advertise as wing street or something with pizza hut. boneless wings are great

ya and if you get the 5,10, or 20 pack, you can get fries for 1.99, other places charge 3.75 and 5.75 for the same amount (plain straight cut)

me and my daughters favourite mid-ride snack at kwinitsa, 8.99 + 1.99, ten wings boneless + fries…

honey BBQ rocks it…

same fries as KFC but ive never tried their wings…


“Hey man, can I have a drumstick”