KFC Cruelty


We don’t want your PETA crap on here!  :imp:


  AGREED…!  Especially when you see the most prominent members wearing leather shoes and jackets, like HELLO… :unamused: I wonder if they think those articles are made from veggies…Oh Wait, they have claimed that carrots scream when you pull them from the ground…A little on the extreme side, that group…I wonder if they hover above the ground so as not to step on any bugs  :smiley:

Agreed…I should have not posted that.  Sorry guys n gals.  I love meat…especially a nice juicy chicken.  :blush:

Carrotts scream because they have larger brains than chickens.

i like the chicken game:)

Haha stacked sports so does your Mom if I remember correctly!

KFC cruelty is pawning off that nasty half-cooked lumps of grease on customers.
Tossed 2 chicken & rib dinners out the windows along Hwy97 today. Probably killed some poor coyote with salmonella…
disgusting crap!

I would be very glad if KFC never came back to PR. My stomach would rebel just smelling the grease in the air around that place. Yetch!

It’s no difference than the litres of grease used for their pizzas :S  ugh!