Kevin Falcon comes to town carrying 350,000 dollars in a very big envelope

This is a big deal in terms of the $350,000 to help, but probably bigger is the province affirming the value of this connection; that it is not just a benefit to Prince Rupert but to all of B.C. That is the message we have been trying to get out." – Prince Rupert Mayor Herb Pond outlining his thoughts on the provincial contribution towards repairs to the Alaska Ferry Dock.

It’s at least a one million dollar project so far, and still has work to be done, but Prince Rupert at least won’t have to bear the entire burden of the cost of repairs for the Alaska Ferry Dock. The city received some financial relief on the project today, after Transportation Minister Kevin Falcon arrived in the city today with a cheque to offset some of the cost.

According to the Transportation Minister, his arrival is the result of a conversation between himself and the Mayor back in April, in which the Mayor was seeking assistance for the project. Today he said he was quick to agree to participate, with only the necessary paperwork standing in the way and delaying the announcement that was made today…

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