Keep the Spirit Alive!

Wow, an awesome hockey game!!! I just want to share how proud I am to be a Canadian!! The games certainly have brought the country together and inspiring the youth. Wow, we certainly have lots to be proud of and thankful for. Way to go Canada!!!

Im glad I wont have to hear whats her face singing anymore… I hope.

i believe that im sick of that song. shoulda been a few songs written not just one

There wouldn’t be a point of having an olympic games song, if you make more than one. Defeats the purpose…


no it wouldn’t make a gold silver and bronze one … make more money in sales too.


Great olympics for our athletes.  It’s good that they got on the podium often instead of getting close like so many times before.

On another note, between Jon Montgomery’s beer jug chugging and the women’s hockey team partying at center ice, the world now knows that our next goal is the Beer Drinking World Championship :wink:

Completely agree. There shouldnt be an olympic games song.

I may have this all wrong.  But I believe what’s her face - Nicki Yanofsky - is the grand daughter of Zal Yanofsky the guitarist in the Lovin’ Spoonful.  The Rupert connection is that Zal’s stepsister taught at PRSS for a year or two in the '90’s.

The olympics were incredible, I’m so proud to be a Canadian!!

you betcha

  I’m very proud of all the Canadian athletes who pushed to the finish, and got the medal they deserved, and had so much fun competing
But I am so proud of all the people who represented all of us Canadians, who couldn’t be there, down in Vancouver showing the world how  " GREAT " Canadians are…      awesome…everyone had such a good time.
The media from other countries even commented, that this was the funnest Olympics they had been too.  Yea…Canada  :smiley:

Ditto My2cents, it is awesome to be a Canadian!!!

Hey Russia! Shorten down your anthem a bit already. That’s a bit much. Hell, get a whole new one, it sounds like the old Soviet “International” with a couple tweaks. Still sounds oppressive and lasts seventy years…

LOL, I think they were doing Vanoc a favour, some of the Beavers and Moose had yet to be inflated, surprisingly the found that despite that many politicians in one place, there was still a shortage of hot air at BC Place, so they had to contract out to other sources for Beaver and Moose inflation.

We’ll keep the spirit alive, every time we reach into our pockets to pay for this party!

Yes, let’s keep the spirit alive by closing the library for another day each week.

Ah don’t worry, Mr. Campbell will bring an end to all that good karma tomorrow with his provincial budget, if he was hoping for an Olympic glow bump I suspect he can forget about that around 3 pm tomorrow.

The Russian anthem is the old Soviet anthem with new lyrics. The International is completely different … and a nicer tune I think. It was the Soviet anthem until 1944 then fell out of favour.

Billy Bragg has revived the Internationale as a protest song at rallies against the WTO, G20 and other gatherings … about governments taxing its citizens, withdrawing services, giving profits to corporations … that sort of thing.