Kasiks Vehicle incident

Its nice to see that Muskeg News has a link to HTMF now.
On the subject of news, I haven’t seen any reports on any of the on line
media about the logging truck accident at Kasiks Camp this morning.
A lot of the action was captured by the highway cam. It took until mid afternoon
to clean it up. Drive BC only noted ‘a vehicle incident’.
Anybody out there have any details?

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Muskeg News didn’t intend to put a link to here on their frontpage. Odd that ad didn’t change after each refresh.

Must be a lot of posts with Muskeg News and hackingthemainframe being mentioned.

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That’s awesome.

Is that just a random graphic you found or did you draw it yourself?

Gotta keep up with your Internet memes, Bubbasteve!

Meanwhile, back to the topic, a friend of mine was stuck between Rupert and Terrace while they cleared the accident. The road was close for almost 2 hours. I’ll see if I can get some details.

Though not confirmed, workers at Overwaitea were reporting that supplies were late because there had been an accident with a couple of semis which closed the highway for a short time.

Supplies are always late at Overwaitea, they seem to be subscribing to the old Home Hardware theory of on time delivery, “oh it’s on the next truck”

Had some internet issues this morning, but here’s the story:

bclocalnews.com/bc_north/the … 84749.html