Kanata school

Anyone have info on forest area that is being cleared behind Kanata school?

That property was recently sold to a developer for residental building sites , so guess the clearing to divide it into lots has started

It hasent been rezoned for that yet sign just went up a few days ago about rezoning

Since the land has sold, I would imagine the developer can pretty much remove anything they want from their own land, regardless of zoning.

If the trees are on city land, then that would not be allowed for sure, but the developer does not need to clear anything with the city for tree removal on land that they own, at least I don’t think they do…same thing if you wanted to remove a tree from your own lot.

What a mess! this community really needs to think developments through a lot more closely .

Where else is there to build that is already clear and flat for the most part.

Condos down town ?? In the many empty lots who is gonna pay 500 gs to build a new home no water view and hear all that noise at quikeload no need for housing yet LNG is not a for sure thing .

LNG is coming here.

Go ahead and buy some property DT and maybe start building some condo’s !

Always someone complaining about new development.