Justice should move so slow for your traffic tickets

From the Vancouver Province.

Three Prince George, B.C., Mounties charged for driving at excessive speeds, won’t have to face trial, due excessive court delays.

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put them back on a horse…

Not suprised, I would of been suprised if they were charged. Do as we say,not as we do.

Look at the Monty Robinson case in Vancouver,He killed a biker,ran over him and his bike,Killed a innocent man at the airport,And he is still on the force,

Think past the outrage of the 3 accused people getting off. This is quite a message the Judge is sending.

Yup, pretty clearly a shot at the RCMP.

[quote]"In my view it is the manner in which the police conducted themselves with regard to the disclosure requests and their initial actions when they were prosecuting this matter before Crown counsel became involved that caused significant delay in this case."

More than 20 court appearances were required to get the case to the doorstep of an actual trial. A six-month delay between May and November, 2010 was the first major stumbling block. It was a time gap initiated by defence asking for information to be disclosed over and above the information that formed the basis for the charges. That information was presented by Crown and RCMP as of February, in keeping with usual timelines.[/quote]


This just shows that the RCMP can’t even investigate themselves when it comes to traffic tickets, how are they going to be able to investigate themselves when there are more serious allegations?