Justice for Justin

From my Sister…

A bank account has been opened at Scotia Bank called Justice For Justin Sheri Latimer & Felisha Bolton of Prince Rupert have started selling 50/50 tickets in Prince Rupert. the draw for this will be on May 10th 2013. The money raised will go towards the Private Investigator & a Reward leading to a any vital information of what happened to our loving son Justin on march 4th 2013. To all those who want to help us out in any kind of way to help raise money for * Justice For Justin * we are planning on doing a bottle drive, loonie/toonie & private auction also so if anyone has anything they would like to donate or help out with that would be greatly appreciated. anyone with any more ideas on how we can raise money please feel free to let us know. thank you so much for all your support :heart: FLYERS will be put up around town, also you can find Sheri Latimer & Felisha Bolton on Fb for more information.

thank you

Brooks Family Opens Bank Account to Raise Funds for Private Investigator
"Justice for Justin" at Scotia in Prince Rupert
Laryn Gilmour
The family of Prince Rupert’s Justin Brooks is looking for answers into their sons death.

Justin Brooks mother Cheryl Ryan says her family have been left in the dark since confirming the body was in fact their sons. Local RCMP are saying foul play was ruled out and his death was determined a drowning, but his step father Peter Wesley says it wasn’t like him to be by the harbour with people he didn’t know, and he spoke with his son earlier that day.

“He said I will see you when I get back, he was looking forward to seeing us, he was all happy he was just going to work and all that, the next day we heard this happened.”

21 year old Brookes, was the oldest of seven boys, his mother says their family was very close bound and not only was he beloved son and brother but a new father.

“He was planning to pick up Lucus that morning, I was waiting but he didn’t show up. He will never be able to hold his baby again… and he loved his baby”- Verna Stanley, Brooks Girlfriend

His girlfriend Verna says she doesn’t believe it was an accident, and for the sake of their six month old son, she too wants answers, and according to brooks mother, they aren’t coming from the local RCMP.

“It doesn’t add up, because we know he had head injuries, he was beat up you could see it.”

At this time they’ve opened up a bank account called Justice For Justin at Scotia Bank and are looking for any funds to raise money for a private investigator to find the answers they’re looking for."

“And we phoned his work, when we found out they pulled the body how of the water and he didn’t show up, we kept phoning back because no one was telling us anything.” - Cheryl Ryan, Mother

The local RCMP weren’t available to comment today, but have told us rumours circulating through social media are making it difficult to determine exactly how a young man died.

“They’re people out there that know more that they aren’t saying. I want answers for my son, why we had to bury my son.” - Mother

Anyone with information is asked to call Crime Stoppers or contact the local RCMP.

Justice For Justin at Scotia Bank- account number is 107100075582 Transit number is -10710

From April 5…

"Constable Lesley Smith says investigators are trying to separate the true facts surrounding the death from rumors making the rounds via social media.

Smith says false information or speculation can hinder investigators as they try to determine whether Justin Brooks met with fowl play or was the victim of a tragic accident."

First of all, I’m terribly sorry to hear about your loss. Justin left us much too soon. I’m wondering though why the family chose this route when less than two weeks ago the RCMP made the statement above?

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First of all; thanks for your condolences. Our nephew’s passing was too early and very tragic to our entire family.

As the brother and uncle, I stand behind my sister through this very hard time in her life; our lives in total. :frowning: She and the rest of us, family & friends feel that there is more to be said by whom ever the witness are; whom ever was down there that night. Looking at the tide that night; it all just doesn’t measure up as a slip and fall accident. Personally for me, we lost our brother when he was 21 years of age; now we lose a nephew at the age of 21 and this nightmare is so real and all over again for our family. :frowning:

I totally respect the RCMP and I know this must be very difficult and a very sensitive issue for them to deal with; but a life was lost in our great community. It’s another black-eye for this community. This has reached as far as Montreal; the Montreal Gazette has an article in the tourism part of their newsletter. That’s no good for our community of Prince Rupert.

But there is just too many first nations deaths around the northwest coast of BC in the past few years that are unanswered. Our family just wants answers so we can move forward in life and try to make the best of the years ahead.

First of all I want to extend my condolences to you and your family, it is not easy losing a loved one so early in their life.
I just want to say I really wish race would be not brought into this, there are enough racial issues in this town/province/country.
There are many unsolved deaths around the world of people of all races. I hardly think the RCMP is slacking in their efforts because your nephew was First Nations.

I hope you find some peace with the loss of your loved one.