Just like the playoffs, the mullet is another tried and true tradition in hockey

Yeah the mullet rules. lol. Pretty funny article rating various mullets through out mullet history.

sports.espn.go.com/nhl/playoffs2 … id=2834375

Anyone have any personal anecdotes or old pics of sweet mullets? I might have one or two kicking around.

The biggest shame in fashion these days are the kids who are wearing professionally-styled mullets…


I too have a few old pictures from the 90’s when i was 80 pounds lighter…

[original attachment deleted after 2 years]

I don’t have a mullet per se, I just don’t cut my hair.

I did cut a mullet once, though. It was rad. Not sure why this picture in my gallery here is sideways, though.


Often covered with a “trucker hat” from the Gap.

How come you don’t lose 80 pounds?  Or start with 40?  40kg…

it would be nice to be 150 again…LOL… I can get to 200 pounds and thats it…I love to eat… I hate to exercise…hahaha I’m my on worst enemy…

here is my playoff mullet from the 90’s

[original attachment deleted after 2 years]

Ok i lied
I still have this mullet
Rollins is a great hair dresser

Do you still wear the women’s jeans too??

Ya,  they had no more guys jeans in baby blue at the bargain shop so i went with the ladies cut. There is one pair left of these with your name on them saved behind the counter.

Well, here’s mine:



*I’m still available