John Leclair

With the Canucks sucking at the moment I wonder if Leclair would fit with the twins and if they have anyone who they could trade? Leclair is sitting right now and is in trade rumors.

With Leclair on waivers as of today

After a those 6-0 losses there may be a couple goalies to flog…

Well there’s always Brendan Morrison, his name seems to come up every time a trade involving Vancouver comes up, last one was he was heading to Ottawa for Daniel Alfredsson, which would have been the steal of the decade for Vancouver.

I dunno, you look at the Canucks line up and there’s not much there to deal, maybe Green, maybe Bulis but I don’t think many teams are interested. Vancouver lost most of its trade bait over the off season with Carter, Cloutier, Jovanovski all gong somewhere else.

Can’t see them moving Naslund, the Twins seem to be the only ones scoring and the defence is a bit of a work in progress (to be charitable) So unless somebody is crying out for Wade Flaherty out of Winnipeg, I’m not sure that there’s much Canuck fans can do but sit back and watch the show unfold.   

Or not watch the show unfold as I have.

I think you mean watch the show fold. They’re folding pretty good lately…

Yeah, pretty boring hockey and no real stars any more, Naslund? I liked the Idea of trading Morrison for Comrie before he got hurt. I still think Leclair is worth a shot maybe to wait until the Pens try to call him back from the AHL team is a way to get him cheap.

Leclair?? Are you crazy? The guy is long finished. He can hardly tie his skates without grimacing in pain.

Maybe for a box of tape.

the nucks do need some scoring from somewhere. Any suggestions or thoughts?

Stay the course, they’ll do fine.

MOVE TO ALBERTA, where the JOBS r, and the HOCKEY TEAMS ARE.  LMAO.  Sorry nuck fans.

We can almost win a Stanley Cup just fine from  here, thanks.

Don’t get too uppity. The whole division sucks so far this year.

Hey Herbie…LMFAO    LMFAO