John Hodgman guest blogging on Boing Boing

Hodgman is guest blogging on Boing Boing.  Funny guy.  If you haven’t read The Areas of my Expertise, you should – it’s hilarious.  He’s plugging his new book, More Information Than You Require as well. 

He’s also been reading Spam as part of Boing Boing TV’s SPAMasterpiece Theatre. 

Part 1: … -bbtv.html

Part 2: … btv-1.html

I enjoy his guest spots with Jon Stewart on the Daily Show.  A very witty guy. :sunglasses:

I’m surprised you didn’t introduce him as “the guy who plays the PC on the Apple commercials.”

I guess it would be wrong to just sum him up in that one role.

I listened to the audio version of Areas of My Expertise on a road trip. My fav was the hobo names.

He really got his big break on the Daily Show, where he was on just as a guest plugging The Areas of My Expertise.  They liked him so much, they invited to be their resident expert.  That led to his internet fame (especially the hobo name meme from a couple of years ago), and the eventual casting of him as the PC on the commercials. 

The audiobook version of The Areas of My Expertise includes Jonathan Coulton, another funny internet celebrity guy:

And on the subject of only mentioning the one big thing a guy did, Jonathan Coulton wrote “Still Alive”, better known as the Portal song.

He’s on the Daily Show tonight flogging his book… pretty funny stuff…

I must agree -funny stuff :smiley: