John Chen doesn't understand marketing

Upon reading the last paragraph, I had to check back to see if this came from the Onion:

John Chen outraged by T-Mobile’s ‘anti-BlackBerry campaign’

BlackBerry CEO John Chen is angry the U.S. carrier T-Mobile offered BlackBerry customers an upgrade to an iPhone for no money down.

In a blog post titled “BlackBerry’s Reponse to T-Mobile’s Anti-BlackBerry Campaign” Chen thanked customers who expressed their “outrage” about the offer on social media.

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Yeah, not going to change things now. Blackberry is a mess now because of their reactions in 2007.

I wonder where BB would be if they didn’t purchase QNX in 2010. It maybe the only thing keeping them afloat. … ystem.html

Yeah, I heard that on CBC radio last week. It gave me a real chuckle. Chen should be giving his BB customers some innovation and incentives to stay with the company rather than crying foul over a competitor’s strategy.
BlackBerry is going down slowly and painfully.

It’s sad because I’ve used the new blackberries and it seems like a decent platform. I want them to succeed. I want my next phone to be a blackberry, the reception is just so much better. I miss my blackberry :frowning: