"Joe the plumber" doesn't have a license, and doesn't need one


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Speaking of Joe the plumber

Posted by: Jean Paul Vellotti

When I settled down to watch the final debate of this presidential race, I never expected in the opening salvo I would hear a sob-story about Joe Wurzelbacher, the now famous plumber from Toledo, Ohio.

And I certainly didn’t expect to hear over-and-over, “Joe the plumber this, and Joe the plumber that.â€

Joe the Plumber should move to the Fort.
Judging from the homes I owned and rented and the 3 business locations:
the plumber don’t need no license
the electrician don’t need no license
the builder didn’t need no permits
and the Inspectors are all on the take.

The Democrats trot out their own “Joe the Plumber”

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