Anybody know where there hiring people for any jobs? Im 17 looking for a job… for the summer and maybe part time when college comes too.

post where you heard thats hiring? :unamused:

u lazy kid get off my lawn and hit the bricks… :stuck_out_tongue:

get your resume and go to different stores and drop them off,  and look in the paper.

Don’t be lazy, show some initiative. people are not going to knock on your door to hire you…

But seriously, McFatties is always hiring.

So is Tim Hortons, and Pizza Hut I would imagine.

But really, you have to get out there and put your resume out.
Go meet some people and start networking, it’s great to start when you’re young.

Also, along with the resume thing, spread the word out with anyone that knows you basically. In a small town like this, getting job can have a lot to do with who you know.

Agreed.  Go out and pound the pavement, meet your future employer, be enthusiastic.  You’ll need to work at this.

Go out there, don’t be shy, and actually TALK with the people you drop resumes off to.  The biggest thing that turns me off of hiring someone is the fact they just pass their resume over the counter and barely say a word when I talk to them.

Also, correct spelling is key, and don’t have an email address on your resume like "" or it will end up in the garbage right away! 

Some people also facebook/myspace applicants to see exactly what they’re all about. Got pictures of you smokin crack? probably not getting hired.

Granted this is fairly unlikely when you’re just applying for fast food type work and not an actual professional position.

My Bebo profile is Private so I guess I don’t have to worry,

meh I’m not looking for a job anyways so I also don’t have to worry about that.

JohnaB7 if you feel your resume is not up to par, visit The Edge Youth Society in the old mall, they’ll fix it up for you as well as help you add a lot more material! :smiley:

and like everyone else said, every restaurant in town is hiring lol

i was just wondering how you would be able to get on this magical “union” that seems to run every job in the city of prince rupert.

my guess…apply  :neutral_face:

k i’ll be on my way to that island in the sky.

It seems that if you are tall there’s a job opening on 3rd Ave.