Jobs in Prince Rupert

My fiancee and I may be moving to Prince Rupert and am wondering how hard it is to find work? I will have a job waiting for me, but for him? Just curious how hard finding work is? Any feedback would be much appreciated!! Thanks.

I’m just wondering how hard it is to find work in Prince Rupert? My fiancee and I may be moving there, I will have a job, but he won’t. Will it be a struggle, currently he is in construction. Any feedback is appreciated. Thanks!

Construction guys, if you don’t booze it up seem to be doing pretty decent around here. Anything else he’d better be prepared to put his feet up…

Depending on his skill set.
There is work
Might have to look a bit
Anyway Welcome to the rain forest

This would depend on his skill set…without any education or trade training, I would say his chances are minimal unless he wants a minimum wage to 13.00 an hr type of job.

I know MANY of the automitive trades shops in PR are severely understaffed and with lots of work due to skilled labour shortages in the city.

I would say trade training (electrical, heavy duty mechanic, auto mechanic, autobody repair, millright, welding ect) opens you up to LOTS of opportunity here.

Same goes for finance, accounting, education, healthcare trained…lots of jobs in those fields as well.