JJR was right Germany - Spain for the Euro 2008 Final

Good prediction JJR!

Going to be a great match on Sunday.

Any predictions on who the winner will be?

I’ve got my vote on Germany…think it’s going to be a very close one though.
Both are really good teams.

Spain  without a doubt

Here’s what I said a couple of weeks ago:

Not nearly as accurate as JJR’s prediction.  But just so nobody accuses me of jumping on a bandwagon here, I did pick Spain.

Well MIG now I will weigh in and go with Germany. (I sure hope I get to gloat for real this time :imp:)

Ah well…  Sympathies to JJR (and Jees!)

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Ok, this is just sour grapes:

metro.co.uk/euro2008/article … age_id=196

Beaten Germans blame referee.

“Germany goalkeeper Jens Lehmann berated the referee after his team’s dismal European Championship final defeat to Spain on Sunday.”

Meanwhile, this is the reason Spain won: Fernando Torres, at age 12. 

Yes well Jens Lehmann is a jerk - and a crappy goalkeeper as well.  If Oliver Kahn was still around that goal in the final would never have gone in - because he would have stayed back in his goal instead of going for a tourist stroll.

Germany was beat by a better team on the day - fair and square.  If you need to complain about two iffy calls by the referee you had better look at your own performance.  I have to say it is hard being a German fan because you never know what they are going to do - probably the most inconsistent team of the tournament (except maybe for that Dutch collapse).  The team that beat Portugal should have been able to beat Spain - but oh no in the final they produce the team that lost to Croatia.

I was kind of wondering why the hell he ran out so far in the first place…

…and Croatia should have gone further than the quarterfinals.
That game with Turkey was nothing but pure luck for the Turks.

I was kind of wondering why the hell he ran out so far in the first place…[/quote]

It was a judgement call, I guess.  It was obvious Torres was going to beat the defender, so it’s not out of the question for the keeper to come out and try to intercept.  Problem was that Torres beat him to the ball too.

I think Lahm gave up going after Torres because he saw Lehmann rushing out.  Had Lehmann stayed back in his goal, Lahm would have kept after Torres and forced him to stay outside with only an angle shot at goal - which of course Lehmann would have saved :unamused:

Crappy goalkeeper = garbage goal

Well, of course it looks like a bad play in hindsight after you’ve seen the goal.

I think he made the right call by charging the ball. It was close, and Torres had to make a perfect chip.

I think it was the right call too.  Sure, both of the Germans made mistakes here, but Torres was pretty outstanding to get there in the first place, and to make the shot.  He beats two defenders to the ball, and then beats Lehmann to the ball too. 

I have no idea about Lehmann, BTW, so I can’t really comment about how good or crappy he is, but his sour grapes say something.  He has played for some awesome teams, so he mustn’t be too crappy.  What was his record like at Arsenal?

On the other side of the field, Casillas is pretty awesome – the best keeper (well by the numbers this year) on the best team in the toughest league.  But even he’s made some dumb mistakes.