Jessica Alba

I love this picture

wow i totally didnt see that coming :unamused:

Thanks alot, nine fourty in the morning Saturday nice coffee at my side and shit thanks for the wake up call.

haha, good thing I’ve seen that before otherwise that would of scared the crap outta me.

The funny thing is you can tell it’s not a JPG or GIF so I sorta seen something coming my way.

didn’t get you guys as good as CDC :laughing:

TRY SMOKIN SOMETHING AND SEEING IT LOL not me like onli ciggys…hmmm jessica alba is very prettty !!!thought b info or something on her but nah half naked pic lol but ive seen it b4 from my bf kris lol but it did scare the shhit out of me the first time lol just cause she was half naked lol


Holy Mother of God!..

simply MAD…

Try not smoking something 8)