So last year I checked out a couple of episodes of Jericho. It didn’t stick with me then so I stopped watching. This year I saw the previews of the new season and thought I would check  out last season again. I have to say, I’m pretty impressed with where they took this show and where it’s going this season.

This one totally flew under the radar for me.

I dunno.  Last year was better, in my opinion.

They were cut off from the world and the town had to survive the post-nuclear world by itself.

Now the army’s involved and stuff, the world still exists.  It’s changed the background setting for the show significantly.

The character arcs and stuff are still great, though.  But it’s lost the small-town Lord of the Flies stuff.

I would agree with that. I’m thinking they are moving the story line along so fast because they don’t think the show will be around very long. They could have milked the whole tone of the first season for at least two before bringing in the rest of the world and the military.

Yeah I agree, I watched Jericho last year but missed the last three episodes, so I’m not quite in the loop with who launched the nukes that led to the whole theme of the show.

Also missed Gerald McRaney meet his doom, though you could tell that it was a possibility as the season was progressing.

Have seen the second season and it’s pretty interesting to follow along with, especially since the show actually should be dead by now.

Last year a letter writing campaign and flood of peanuts swayed CBS to give them a second season.

No word yet on if there will be a third…

I think that’s exactly what happened last year.  They had no idea if the show was going to be picked up or not, so they rushed things.

Anyway, the premise was a good one, but you can’t undo what they’ve done.

All the same, I’ve watched all the episodes so far.  It’s definitely on the ‘favourites’ list on the AppleTV :wink:

Speaking of shows… Maybe we should split this, but I’ve just watched first three episodes of “Breaking Bad” on AMC/IFC.  A more nerdy “Weeds” I think, with meth instead of pot.  Well written, but not as slick as Weeds.

Also, Bryan Cranston (Malcolm in the Middle’s Dad) instead of Mary-Louise Parker.  Too bad :wink:  No site of any Olsen twins either.

Yeah I added Jericho to my Tivo subscription list. I bet we get three seasons out of it.

I saw “Breaking Bad” on the listings and thought about checking it out. I guess I’ll try out a couple of them and see what’s what.

Hey, do you actually subscribe to the TiVo stuff, or are you using SchedulesDirect?

My TiVo (& service emulator) are going great… been working for more than 5 years non-stop :wink:  But I don’t think I’ve actually used the TiVo since before Christmas.

I’m a paying subscriber. I know there are alternate ways to go about it, but I haven’t had the time to figure it out. I also don’t know if I have the technical ability.

Another show that isn’t too bad is the Border, I’ve watched a couple of episodes so far.

Thought it might be a cheesy Toronto thing, but it isn’t all that bad.

Nowhere near as good as Intelligence which the CBC dumped (of which I wont’ dwell on as it seems to have gotten me in trouble in an earlier thread :wink:)

But there should be at least one half decent canadian drama left on the tube I guess, they must have been getting jealous in Toronna, since they’ve killed off the Da Vinci franchise and now Intelligence, Vancouver must have been getting too much time before the cameras… :astonished:

I’ll have to check it out.

Too bad, Canadian drama is good.  I totally understand how expensive it is, and that it’s much cheaper to make reality TV (or pseudo-reality TV).

I wonder how much an episode of Intelligence cost compared to an episode of Trailer Park Boys? 

Well, maybe the tide is turning in Merkin TV Land anyway.  The ‘Lost’ gamble seems to have paid off for ABC.  Perhaps the big networks will be more willing to spend big money on drama instead of leaving it to the other networks.

Interesting point about Trailer Park Boys and other Canadian shows, at the moment there is a bill working its way through the Senate to reduce or end funding for shows that are of questionable taste… (who defines that would be an interesting subject).

It has a lot of the Canadian industry all upset that if passed it will be the end of the industry in Canada as we know it.

It actually was first introduced by the Liberals, and has only now worked its way through to the turtle like deliberations of the Canadian Senate, but now that it’s in danger of actually getting passed folks are taking to the barricades.

it was the big theme at this weekends Genie Awards and you kind of get the feeling that by the time it comes out of the Senate the Liberal Senators will have watered down the legislation originally created by the Liberal MPs… strange little democracy we have here…

Was thinking of doing a blog item on this, but since some folks don’t like TV maybe i won’t :smiley:

Then again, maybe I’ll tempt the fates of the board and do a bit of research on it for my blog.

Here are a few items I book marked so far on it… … ?id=360511 … 748150836b … ?id=360511 … btuse.aspx

Podunk, for what it’s worth I say stick to whatever your instincts are telling you to write on your blog. You do a great job. Also think of it this way… even the people complaining about what you write on your blog are taking the time to read it. :smile:

Oh yeah, I wasn’t taking anything to heart today, hence why I didn’ t take the bait…

what’s that old saying as long as they spell your name right??

As Rick Nelson once said in a song…

“You see, you can’t please everyone, so you got to please yourself”

Ah the original rickroll.

Yeah, write what you want.  You write your blog for you, not for others.

you people keep the topic on track
why are you trying to derail this topic…? were is you manners ? :stuck_out_tongue:

The previous seasons always brought into question that this was the USA, and he who has an intact arm base…
hence the current theme.

Found this on the site today. … 254e048cee

Anyways, Jericho fans may find that the apocalypse is closer than ever…

Jericho: CBS must decide quickly since only three episodes remain in Season 2, and the network has to choose Ending A or Ending B. Two conclusions to the season have been shot. One puts a narrative lid on the apocalyptic series (lest protesting fans pelt CBS executives with thousands of pounds of nuts again), the other more of a cliffhanger. CBS notes that the show gains from DVR viewership and online viewing, but after its performance the past two weeks, most doubt the citizens of “Jericho” will live to fight another season

Aw crap, another show toasted… :unamused:

Suckage !!!  :angry: :angry: :angry:

Down to Lost and NCIS (when it comes back) for TV fare. Never did find any new stuff that I liked.