Jensen TV/DVD Combo AFU - HELP!

The remote for this TV/DVD combo really sucks… Honestly it takes more time to figure out how to use the remote than it does to walk up to the TV and push the buttons under the display.

I programmed my Sony universal remote to the TV code for easier operation. This worked great until the tube picture shrunk, went fussy, dark and psychodelic, and into a small box about 50% the size of normal. I havn’t ever witnessed anything like that before. The screen looked completely screwed in every way. This all happened fairly slowly. I must have had a very confused and worried look on my face at the time. After that the TV wouldn’t turn off. I unplugged it and left it unplugged for a while.

Now the picture is squished up. It looks a little more panoramic than normal. The top and bottom are always black bars, like it is trying to be a wide format screen. The picture quality is horrible and somewhat pink if using the cable. The DVD is clear, but very dark and the sound on both cable and DVD wont come up much higher than a whisper at 100% volume. Also, the menu is in chinese and some of the options have disappeared; like subwoofer control and the volume bar seems to be on a different scale.

I’m very confused about why this happened. It’s like the TV jumped over to an incompatible firmware. If you witnessed the way the picture tube output shrinks and mutates, you might be inclined to run away in fear of an immediate implosion. Very, very weird.

Anyway, I’m just staying here and the TV doesn’t belong to me, and the owner doesn’t have a receipt for it. It’s fairly new, less than a month and was purchased at the Brick.

What the hell? Think a repair shop could fix it? I’ve searched online for manuals and forums, but there are NO hits for this particular model number… I got the menu back to english, but the menu isn’t even the same as before.

Never ever buy a Jensen, or a SONY uni. remote.