Jeff B and The Grain

I heard he is no longer with PR Grain.  And I guess it is true: … 68647.html
Any discussion on this?

We could start a good rumor :smiley:

Maybe he is off to run Canpotex?

According to the Northern View, Mr Burghardt left Prince Rupert Grain “to pursue other opportunities”. That expression is used so often by corporate reps that it has a bit of a hollow, even ominous ring. They really should try to come up with some new lingo.

Just putting it out there, but I think Dan Veniez is coming back, just one more time  :imp:

oh how nice…just in time for christmas.

Hmm, well if everyone shifts job roles then after it filters down twelve times there may a new job opening soon! hah! If only I knew thirty people out there so I can get hired too. Sure could use a pay-boost  :wink:

This has to be a fricken joke…
Next thing ya know is WEENERIEZ will be running for mayor…

Well I think it was, after all Danny V has much bigger fish to fry now, he’s gonna try to become an MP whenever Iggy figures out how to topple the Harper gang.  Podunk is far too small potatoes for him now I suspect. 

i heard that Danny v is looking to get board with the deal with
Watson island i guess he is in love with new skeena maybe they
will bring that sign back opening soon.