off topic, but please tell me you arnt still doing that horrible project where you make them write java applets?

Off-topic, I wasn’t talking about CHSS, I was talking about a post-secondary class.

And I’m not teaching IT11 anymore. Java is now an official part of the provincial IRP, though (it wasn’t when I was teaching it) Isn’t that what they teach in most first-year programs? There’s was talk here of making it an AP course, so that you could get college and university credit for it.

I am in second year now, first year we learned vbscript this year we learned javascript. I will never forget trying to make that applet though that was by far the worst project i have ever had to do. No offence to you or anything just java applets suck mind you It was helpful.

My first year CS course was in C++.

I am in a networking program so programming/scripting isnt really covered, but i think we learn java next semester.

My first year CS class was made for people with no exposure to computers whatsoever. It stated in the course guide that it wasn’t for people with any internet or computer experience at all, yet it was required for a science credit in all programs. Man, did I feel like a genius in that class… and I knew nothing!