Java Help?!

My Firefox and IE close suddenly sometimes, depending on the sit eI’m visiting. I think it’s caused by java, but I’m not sure. Anyhow, if I go to the Javavirtualmachine website to download it, the window closes… Anyone got a direct link for whatever might fix me, or some advice on the matter? I’ve never understood the difference between Sun Java, Java java or MS java, etc… I think what i need is JVM. Oh and Limewire and other Java stuff crash before they get anywhere. Can’t find a mirror! Arg!

You might wanna check out these sites where I find java to download.

or try


Orangetang, it might be an active x problem. Firefox cannot handle somethings that IE has.

try this website which has good response.


has alot of cool fixers their.

and probably

Good luck!

Yeah I was just looking for a link to the file I wanted. Anyway, I finally found a mirror and downloaded it and things are dandy.